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Name and Headquarters of the Association

Article 1: The name of the association is “Impact Investment Association” and will be referred to as the “Association” hereinafter. The headquarters of the Association is in Ankara. The Association will not have any branches.

Objective of the Association, and Subjects and Areas of Activity to Realise Such Objective

Article 2: The Association has been established in order to conduct research for the purposes of making and implementing the necessary policies regarding impact investments in Turkey; creating public good by way of sharing with relavant sectors and the public, the information obtained as a result of the research. The Association shall take into consideration the following main objectives during its activities:

  1. To introduce the impact investing concept and its vehicles in our country and help increase, develop and keep at an up-to-date level its efficient and sustainable use among the sectors,
  2. To assemble individuals and institutions making impact investments, to provide for their professional development and cooperation,
  3. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource in the impact investment sector, to support educational investments in people in regard with this matter,
  4. To provide guidance and support in certain areas such as standards, terminology, education, legislation, conditions of labour regarding impact investing,
  5. To supervise the development of the sector and academic literature with scientific research and development studies regarding impact investing,
  6. To help become integrated with the world regarding implementations of impact investing,
  7. To contribute to provide for the coordination between the sectors regarding implementations of impact investing,
  8. To ensure provision of policies and decisions giving priority to public good regarding impact investing,
  9. To raise awareness in becoming a real and legal person “creating an impact” at a national level,
  10. To develop solutions offers for social problems with impact investing.

Activities to be Organised by the Association

Article 3: The Association shall conduct the following activities in order to realise its objectives:

  1. Creates working groups, conducts research regarding actual and future matters, or have others conduct the same,
  2. Provides for practical and scientific consultancy, prepares reports or have other prepare the same, creates opportunities of information exchange and cooperation,
  3. Makes practical and scientific publishing,
  4. Organises and implements vocational training programs,
  5. Organises conferences, congresses, seminars, panel discussions, workshops and similar gatherings regarding impact investing at national and international level, and participate in such gatherings; establishes contact with the relevant entities,
  6. Helps the introduction and promotion of methods and techniques in impact investing, social impact, social finance and similar subjects,
  7. Observes the global developments concerning impact investing related matters and helps the adoption of the same in our country,
  8. Provides for all kinds of information, documentation and publishing that is necessary concerning the impact investing related matters, establishes a documentation center,
  9. Presents to the attention of the authorities, opinions and suggestions regarding all kinds of implementations and legal regulations on impact investing; contributes to the establishment of the plans and policies,
  10. Prepares suggestions to develop the legislation that is related to the working areas of the Association; conveys such suggestions to the relevant entities and establishments; makes discussions thereon; informs the public of the developments thereon,
  11. Organises social gatherings in order to develop the relations between the members,
  12. Purchases, sells, leases or lease to others immovable property, established rights thereon in order to realise its objectives,
  13. Establishes foundation, federation or joins in an existing federation or platform in case deemed necessary in order to realise its objectives,
  14. Conducts international studies, becomes member to non-governmental organisations, associations or entities abroad and conducts joint studies or cooperates with these establishments,
  15. In cases deemed necessary, conducts projects together with public entities and establishments in the matters falling into their areas in order to realise its objectives, provided that the provisions of Law No.5072 Concerning the Relations of the Associations and Foundations with Public Entities and Establishments,
  16. In the areas related with the objectives of the Association and where it has not been prohibited by law, establishes a platform with other associations, foundations, syndicates and similar non-governmental organisations in order to realise a common purpose,
  17. Opens representation offices in the places deemed necessary,
  18. Conducts activities in the social areas in Turkey and abroad.