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President's Message

As the global economy is in an unprecedented recession due to COVID-19, it is a common belief is that greener, more resilient and inclusive solutions will be preferred. The impact investing market will lead the way as a fast growing sector globally. By 2019, impact investing has reached 715 billion dollars of Assets Under Management with a growth rate of 42% and is expected to exceed 2 trillion dollars in two years.

How will Turkey take its place within this market? When will impact investing be considered as an opportunity to supply health, education, social services, and fund infrastructure projects that are now mostly in the domain of the services provided by the state? What can impact investing supporters do about it? These were our thoughts when we decided to set up the Impact Investing Association.

Our goal is to advocate for impact investing among the public and private sectors, and make it an investment model of preference. It is a model that can be used both in the private and the public sector as a financial instrument that couples financial return with a measurable social or environmental impact.

For the adaptation of the model, there has to be a common understanding among institutions and individuals – especially those have internalised the concept of “impact”. There is a strong need for the development of an ecosystem that accommodates all stakeholders. We are committed to operate within the ecosystem with an inter-disciplinary and inclusive approach anchored in ethics and mutual respect.

While there is still a full decade to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, time is running out to make a move and to make transformation happen. Today is just the right time for impact investing!